Who We Are

Manfred Infotech is a globally reputed multinational business process management and outsourcing company providing the best BPO services to clients around the world. Established in 2011, the company has 3 delivery centers located across the globe.

The company serves a variety of sectors including Online Education, Telecom, Diabetes Care, Web and Mobile Application Leads, and Energy, with 300+ skilled specialists in India and 35+ experienced professionals in the U.S.

Manfred Infotech specializes in Outbound lead generation services, offering a variety of BPO and Call Center solutions – including specific industry functional requirements – to help our clients generate more revenue, decrease costs, and improve functional efficiencies to reach their targets.

Our executives are focused on the business needs of our clients and address these needs creatively and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and the quality of our service. Consequently, our clients can be confident that implementation of corrective actions or problem resolution related to their requirements will be completed promptly to protect targeted timelines.

We help deliver our client’s vision through experienced manpower, technical analysis, industry proven strategies and research.

Please contact us for all your BPO requirements and business inquiries.


Cold Calls

In a challenging industry, we have the right expertise to increase business for our clients with excellent conversion rates through successful cold calling. Our experienced customer care agents use the latest technologies to convert leads into sales.

Sales by Phone

Expand your business throughout the world with our Outbound Lead Generation Process BPO Services. We serve different sectors including Online Education, Telecom, Diabetes Care, Web and Mobile Application Leads, and Energy.

Get Support

Manfred Infotech provides high-quality 24x7 customer support to the global industries. Our value-added BPO services help businesses to achieve their objectives quickly and affordably.