2016 is here and continues the massive transformation in the technology industry we have seen in recent years will see a rise in new apps that work in real time .With upcoming frameworks, powerful development tools,super cool new technology, tidal changes in the tech world,and evolving technologies, this year looks very promising as well as very exciting for web developers.

3 developement trends for 2016 can be stated as follows:

1. Motion UI – Last year we all saw an emerging trend of Motion UI which is widely used for quickly creating animations and CSS transitions and it is less complicated to make an app's transitions look smooth. Motion UI has became one of the most preffered libraries by developers.

2. Application Security -Cyber attacks are increasing.Most web application business suffers from preventable security vulnerabilities which lead to more data breaches which will drive the need for security and application security will become the top priority in the developement efforts.

3.Responsive design - Due to the rise of use of mobile internet usage Responsive Web Design has become incredibly popular and a part of Web Development and Designs. To build a fully functional site Responsive Web Design represents cheap yet very simple way

for the business,and in the coming year one should not be wondering wether to or not to build responsive applications as any application one will create must adapt to any device

These are just a few development trends to expect in the coming year,which will surely set a trend for Web Developers.