Salt Lake Stadium, the scene for FIFA U-17 World Cup last, has been given over to the occasion's Local Organizing Committee (LOC) in the wake of being given a 10/10 rating.

Competition executive Javier Ceppi looked satisfied with the game plans and the renovated stadium, calling it an anteroom of a five star lodging. PTI cited him as saying, "In the event that you ask me it would appear that a historical center, be the passageway or within. Or, on the other hand like the groups said it looks the entryway of five-star lodging."

"You see and the stadium looks in no way like it used to sometime recently. That is on account of the stadium should have been fit to have a World Cup last, the most vital football match to be facilitated in India's history. They (West Bengal government) took the test. This stadium now can be contrasted with different stadiums on the planet that have facilitated a FIFA World Cup last."

There would be numerous advancements utilized first time in India to have this year Fifa U17 world football tournament. This will give help to the authorities to keep up a reasonable advance to the amusement. A four phase security convention has been made powerful in the biggest stadium of India.

Goal-line Technology: This is without a doubt among the greatest innovations utilized as a part of World Cup. The framework will be provided by German firm GoalControl, who went up against the British Hawk-eye.

Imported Grass replaced with AstroTurf: New grass imported from the US that is supplanted with the old AstroTurf, two new full-sized practice grounds with floodlights, spaces for arbitrators and ball young men, new entryways, more extensive streets, even a helipad — Salt Lake stadium is amidst a Rs 52-crore makeover for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup.


New Media Center: New Media Center with High Class Wi-Fi and Internet will help media people all over the world to maintain the international standard reporting of all the matches.

Technological Help from IIT: All the necessary software’s will be updated from the security purpose to maintain a high level to digitalize the game technology. It took 105 gatherings and the contribution of various state divisions to get the 33-year-old setting redesigned. Help was likewise looked for from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur and other designing organizations, said Biswas.

Eco-Friendly Paint: An uncommon kind of paint has been utilized at the Salt Lake Stadium to guarantee eco-accommodating environment over the span of the FIFA U-17 World Cup. "It is known as Foxy paint," a source aware of everything said.

Evacuated within 8 minutes: Salt Lake stadium will have ten FIFA U-17 World Cup matches, which likewise incorporate the last on October 28. However, as per the Kolkata police, the 66,000 limit stadium can be cleared in insignificant eight minutes if any instance of crisis happens at the scene.

"We have arranged a point by point clearing design. The whole stadium, regardless of the possibility that full to the overflow, can be emptied securely and easily in just eight minutes in crisis circumstances," said Police chief of Bidhannagar, Gyanwant Singh according to news organization IANS.

Digital Security System: Gyanwant said there are no odds of any undermining circumstance as the security framework is tight at the Salt Lake stadium. Additionally the digital security estimation has been refreshed. "We would prefer not to go for broke in perspective of the worldwide circumstance. So we have arranged for all emergency circumstances. The crisis clearing design we have planned will guarantee there is no charge."

The police chief likewise said that 110 door jamb metal indicators are being introduced at each checking point to keep the security tight and the stadium entryways might be opened before two hours of the match.

Gyanwant said 110 door jamb metal finders would be introduced as checking focuses, with 260 shut circuit-TVs situated at each niche and corner of the stadium to keep vigil.

Anti Terrorism Measurement: NDRF work force partakes in ridicule penetrate at Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan (VYBK) prominently known as Salt Lake Stadium in front of FIFA U-17 World Cup, in Kolkata, on Oct 5, 2017.

Social Media Promotion: A promotional campaign by FIFA has already been launched through Facebook, Twitter and other social channels to promote this big event which will be held in India.