The uses of mobile apps are increasing on current business scenario. The tycoons of the world of businesses really not facing any issue while having their app on the screen compare to the small start-ups that do not have proper technology and sense to implement the proper benefits of mobile apps especially android and iOS. The importance is giving towards heavy-weight applications and thus the local business apps are not acquiring the place that they should desired for. This is the situation where 3rd party apps come into scenario. The following articles will focus the ways to leverage third party applications. 

The small businesses and start-ups can get their applications on the users-screen by following different ways. Here are few ways; you can leverage third party apps.

Claim your Business on Google:

Keep update your business profile and claim your business on Google My business. This action help you to listed your business in your local location with proper definition, tags and other information and help to promote your brand to the right person at the right time. Google search is a kind of numero uno app that used for looking information through Youtube, Google maps and Google plus and this is important for you.

The particular area you need to focus is to makes your application unique compare to others in-terms of its usability and simple functionality. You should maintain updated and exact business profile information related to your business and making an impact on Google creating cross media and cross-platform. 

You can also claim business on Apple and that will be a good idea to enable the application and traced via Siri. Now this can be one of the simple methods to leverage your third-party apps. 

Intelligent Use of Your Facebook Application:

With more than 75% of the smart-phone apps Facebook is the most dominant and visited Social media channel and app. So it is very important to use the tool like Facebook to communicate with the existing and active customers on the FB app. Business Start-ups can introduce new products and services, offers, discounts, etc on their FB pages. This is the way to attract new and existing members and leverage third-party applications. 

Facebook business pages can allow you to use minimum time for branding your ideas and promote app to making it limelight among potential users.  

Use Messenger Apps to do Virtual Messaging:

Facebook messenger app is the most used messaging application in the world now. This encourages the communication and link build-up activities with the businesses through its “click to message” ads section. The business will get the profit for this paid ad after click once on the message button that encourage users to post a question or comment. Businesses can reply immediately against the comment posted privately on the FB business page. While making the communication or interact with the users/customers, you can consider Snapchat also a good medium.  

The actual intention is to involve personally with the customers that can make your app much more popular and active. And this is one of the good solutions to leverage third party application.

Directory Listing Applications can also be used:

Customers and clients can get relevant information according to their searches through directory listing sites like Just Dial and Yellow pages as it is considered a good primary source of information search for start-ups and local businesses. Customers nowadays know the trends of local mobile apps in the market and through these mediums they can search their requirements. These local directory listings can help local businesses and start-ups to list properly according to their addresses and information and thus will take the benefits from certain functionalities like reservations or orders. The main criteria are the accuracy that will focus to leverage 3rd party apps.

Google Search Indexed:

You need to take some steps of action to leverage your 3rd party app on Google search engine like adding app only content into the Google search result. App related content must be optimized properly into the Google search engine along with the website SEO. Proper app related content must be checked by the mobile app developers before posting into the page and optimize by search engine like Google etc. If star-ups businesses want to get the higher ranking in-terms of your app related content and keywords with the exposure of your application, the content must be optimized properly.

Accessing web through mobile is still the primary source of platform for the local start-up businesses. The proper marketing strategy of your app must be taken before the implementation through search market. The space is there in-terms of using Snapchat and Facebook apps for investing a proper planning and money to introduce and promote 3rd party apps. The above ways will surly help to get it into limelight.