Creating online shopping portals is a challenge for all web designers. WordPress, the most popular content management software, has made the task a lot more convenient and has enhanced customer satisfaction. The customers here take the advantage of an integrated shopping cart facility. It is also beneficial for the developers as they can work under a single system. Earlier the dubious display of ‘Home Page’ and ‘Online Store’ did not go well with the users. Even the unnecessary hassles of updating facts and content on two different sections are a thing of the past. All the vital elements of an online shopping portal work wonders on WordPress plug-ins.

There are several tools to harness and garner maximum revenue from wordpress based ecommerce portals. There are a host of features to dig on- a simple mechanism of configuring the products, tracking down the inventory, the advantage of availing a number of payment gateways, a year’s maintenance absolutely free of cost and more. Some of the tools even allow the website owner to avail an online support service on priority service. It implies that all the queries are catered to almost instantly as against a delayed response service in other platforms.

These services however come with a price tag. But these are highly affordable. Earlier there used to two different log in mechanism both for the administrator and the user. But an improved functionality has ensured that one log in is enough for a seamless e-shopping experience. As far as the display of sales figures is concerned, the admin finds it very easy to witness the same. This is because a single website is tracked by the analytics tool.

Multiple shopping options, the ability to integrate the products into any section of the website, availability of strong APIs to create custom payment module and for receiving a percentage of sales from network stores are just some of the other stunning features. We have just surmised the multifarious merits of having an e-commerce website on wordpress. It is for the website owners to explore the vibrant world of e-shopping in a new avatar!