Traffic - It is not the last word for any Business but surly the best targeted area because the ultimate conversion is depending on Traffic or rather say targeted Traffic. There are so many techniques, tips and tricks are available on the internet to get huge number of traffic within a day, week or month time. But most of the time those information are general, unethical and presented with less information. Also those easy to get information are very common and just theory basis. It will be important if you do the job practically and then share your experience with others who need it.

As per 13 year Digital Marketing experience I can assure you that it is really easy to get huge number of traffic within few months but not to get quality and targeted traffic within a month. You should have a good knowledge and practical experience before try to implement the process of achieving the result. There are different businesses with different subjects. So the category of traffic will be different. There are some common techniques everybody should follow but most of the actions will be subject specific and your campaign planning should go according to that.


Content Writing and Publishing

Content is the king above all. It is the most important weapon to get good number of quality and targeted traffic. Content written uniquely with relevant resources, links and information is a high priority to get quick and huge traffic. This will create immediate attention among viewers.  Also the content should be as long as possible as per characters and words. Generally any article or blog with 4000 words consider very good. The chance of getting good number of traffic is more if the content is related to any recent events or incidents.

Writing the content is an art. There can be fun, creation, controversy, different moods, unknown information, analyze, observation and many other assets which makes the content more interesting and important among readers. And the changes increase that people can share the content in different social media sites.


Content Sharing

Publishing and sharing the content is an important part of Content marketing. We can choose external platform as well as internal to publish our content. External blogs like Tumbler, Blogger, Livejournal can be great resources to publish content. Also we can use internal website blog or individual Blog domain for the same purpose. One should register while opening the account and profile in these external blog or article publishing sites with all the details and formalities completed before publishing any content. At the same time keywords, URLs, Links and title should be given carefully. The image should be clear, attractive and subjective and according to the size mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Sharing the content into various social media sites is very important. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram are the most important social resources with communities, groups and general posting. There are also some social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Diigo, Delicious, Digg, Google Bookmarks etc. can be good resources for getting website traffic.


Classified Ads Submission

Classified Ads submission both globally and locally is the good source of getting targeted and quality traffic. Viewers who need your product or services can contact through phone, email or message after viewing the online advertise. These sites can be paid or free. Classified sites like Craigslist.org, ClassifiedAds.com, Olx, locanto.com, Quikr.com, seek.com.au, gumtree.com and global-free-classified-ads.com are some really good options for giving your free ads worldwide.


Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the good technique to grab the attention of targeted viewers within a minimum time. It’s very effective to tell your story among the right customers. You can present yourself by addressing the solution of any particular issue or problem while leaving your website/webpage link there along with the email id and logo. You can also comment with the name of your company instead of your own name.

More Active on Twitter

Twitter is one of the good traffic sources if you can engage yourself in the activities time to time. At-least 6 post a day will be a standard approach in this regards. Doing message, adding targeted people, re-tweeting and nice twitter posting can make a huge difference.

Share Content on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn Communities and Groups

Choose right communities and Groups in the social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Post fresh content there with link and image, like other comments and post or share their content also. These activities can easily reach huge number of members or followers and thus the possibilities increase a lot to get a great numbers of website traffic from there.

Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a professional networking site but really good for business also, especially B2B. Connecting same minded people with messages and links is one of the main activities. There are so many high profile businessmen, CEOs, Directors, Managers and other important people with whom we can engage our organization or individually can make a communication. Registered on LinkedIn, make a good profile and company page with full of information, links, images can build brand awareness and thus possibilities of getting traffic from there will increase.

Youtube Video Sharing on Social Media

Sharing corporate videos on Youtube is one of the popular sources of getting traffic in huge number. Videos are always the strong medium to attract people directly. It is the proof of corporate identification which builds the trust. Customers or client speaks can highlight your corporate or business achievement. At the same time technical videos can established your employee strengths, skills, experience and ability. Commenting on same subject related other YouTube videos by placing your website link can help to get good traffic from this important social media site.

Google Organic Keywords Ranking by doing SEO

SEO is a must essential element of generating huge traffic for your website. If you can get 2 or 3 most important keywords ranked for your website that will serve the purpose. Choosing the right targeted keywords is the prime factor and then following the right SEO techniques according to Google guidelines can help you to get search engine ranking. As much as the keywords ranked the chances will be there to get good traffic to your website.

Promoted Company or Product or Service Bio in Business Directories

Listing your business in Business directories like Indiacatalog.com, Tradeindia, Startlocal, Businesslistingsusa.com, freeindex.co.uk, manta.com, hotfrog.com can give you and your brand a huge benefit in-terms of getting brand popularity and website traffic. You should complete all the formalities related to registered, making account and profile and get listed by filled-up the form.

Review Submission

If we can get quality review on our business or company in Google my business, Foursquare, Facebook and other review submitting sites, that can boost the trust and brand popularity and thus there is a chance to get traffic from there.  


PR and E-Book Submission

Submitting your content in PR and E-book publishing sites are very important to write about your brand and business and thus this can build a trust among the clients and customers. We can get potential traffic from these resources.


Forum and Q&A

Quora and Yahoo Answer is the great resources of website traffic and promote your business. We can ask questions and simultaneously get answers or give answers over there to help individuals who needs the solution.


Sending Email Newsletters to Targeted Customers/Clients

We can send emails with a very good designed newsletter presenting our corporate requirements to the selective or targeted potential resources and thus can fulfill our purposes. These email ids can collect by manually or buying from any resource. Sending bulk email is a very cost effective way rather using mail chimp free version. 

About the Author:

Pradip Ghatak is the SEO and Digital Marketing Expert having 13 years of pure industry experience.