It is always better to hire a PHP developer from freelance websites for short time project in order to save some money, but what makes the situation difficult is finding the right PHP developer. These websites are an ocean of applicants, and hiring the suitable one seems like a distant dream, as it is quite true that not all the freelancers are reliable when it comes to quality work or meeting the deadline.

The initial scrutiny involves tracking of the previous works, experience, work review, and rating and yes the process is never ending, as because you have to believe in words of the review and not the actual work. The reviews that you get may be biased or unbiased, how do you trust the work?

If you consider rolling out your cash, you can definitely cue up in the line of the highest ranked developer that may curb a good amount of money and time. So why not hire a PHP developer from the companies who are already delivering diversified projects to their clients. 

The only benefit of hiring a PHP developer directly from a company is that you not only a get experienced developer but also the knowledge of his team. Manfred Infotech, the award-winning company known for delivering result driven website/ app design and development services recently has introduced hire a PHP developer from their own firm.

The company has been ruling this market for seventeen years; serving clients with their expertise worldwide, with a stack of skillful expert PHP developers. Therefore, instead of wasting time shortlisting PHP developers from the freelance websites and trying your luck, just hire a PHP developer directly from the renowned company along with the quality assurance and you get to save 50% of your money.

Manfred Infotech has already delivered many good projects and has bagged appreciation, accolades and most importantly customer satisfaction. So it’s a win-win situation where you get to hire the company service catering your need to hire a PHP developer.