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Why Drupal and Drupal Commerce is the best solution for an integrated ecommerce platform?


Drupal is one of the best content management and online marketing platform. Drupal Commerce is included into Drupal at the deepest level and thus we can take advantage of all the power that Drupal offers. Thus it ensures that both the users and customer can use this when building ecommerce website.While using drupal commerce the development time become less as compared to a two-platform system and hence there is no need to develop and maintain custom integration between two separate systems. Another advantage is that the ongoing management and maintenance of a Drupal Commerce site is much easier as there is only one set of tools for the developer to learn. SEO,CRO and Web Analytics of Drupal commerce site is easier to control because the developer only have to work with one system rather than two. The user and role mangement system of drupal allows the developer to control access to functionality for both the CMS and online store. Lastly the biggest advantage is that Drupal commerce is free as compared to compared to Magento and wordpress communities. Here the developer need to pay for the plugin rather they just need to download and use that to build their websites.