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React is a Javascript library for building new age user interface. React is very easy to use because it based on supposition about the technology tower of a project. It is also very easy to try, on a small feature of a project. React follows a simpler programming model with better performances. It is based on the concept of virtual DOM. That can change states depending on selection of nodes based on sub-tree. In a contradiction of traditional data binding, React implements one way data flow, which is easier and also minimize complexity. React is written in JSX. JSX is a javascript extension which is similar to other javascript extensions that is created by Facebook and used for PHP and XHP. React is actually developed to facilitate a reusable UI component for Facebook that would be more interactive and stateful. The site of Istagram is developed in React. The most important part about React is that, it just not only work with client-side but can also perform with server-side that is React having the great feature of interchangeability and it is open source.