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People are trying to keep everything in short throughout life,so a newer way of URLs have been introduced by Google since 2009, called It actually shrinks up lenghty URLs into a verr shorter form to be used publicly. Recently in the news have come another shortcut weapon for only official Google products and services, which is named as

Shorter things are easily accessible and hence a shorter URL is easily shareable and well to remember. Problem faced with previous URL shortener is that ,the original website to be redirected to cannot be proposed whereas will hit only Google owned webpages. It means confidently using shortcut, we will land to a Google service page or a Google webpage. Indeed the use of is not under threat. It remains in the heart of those who definitely has likings for it. It has been announced by Google that not much is to be changed. Hence anyone who wants to minimize their public URL are allowed to use across the web.

Lastly I would like to thanks Google for enriching us with a well fecilatated acquisition of and lets be alert as to how it rolls on as the officially accepted URL shortener for Google websites.