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Motion User Interface : Motion UI


It’s very clear from the name of the topic that the article is about the motion or animation in web designing. Actually, Motion UI is a Sass library and it is widely use in the field of custom CSS. Using Motion UI web designers are able to create many attractive CSS transition and animation that may leads to a website more stunning. Motion UI actually wrap up with Foundation framework, a framework that is one of the most advanced framework in the world of web designing. As well as Foundation framework is enrich with its responsive feature that makes it more popular with web designers. Motion UI is design for Apps. The updated version of Motion UI coming with more enriched and robust features of transitions, its introducing new queue system and a new pattern of CSS. The most important part is that all the latest features of Motion UI, is compatible with all animation library of Javascript. Motion UI is now open-source for the releasing of new Foundation framework. The transition effects of Motion UI are applicable for different components of Foundation framework, as well as they are also used in Orbit, Reveal and Toggler. All the transitions created by special Motion UI Sass classes.